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My Case of Wanderlust: 5 Places I Want to Go in the Next 10 Years

I have a travel bug. Ever since I was little, I would get this itch to go somewhere new every two months or so. Even just going to the beach for a day trip was satisfying, I just had to see something new. Needless to say, it hasn’t gone away in recent years, it has only intensified. So here are five places that I want to travel to in the next ten years.


  • England: On my bucket list for England is The Jane Austen Centre, C.S. Lewis’ house, and a healthy dose of castles, just to name a few. One thing that has been on my actual bucket list for a while now is to buy an authentic English teacup.hugo-sousa-259183-unsplash.jpg
  • Greece: Ever since learning about Crete in Ancient History, I have wanted to go to Athens. I have loved learning about the Greek culture, and of course, the Percy Jackson series only added to this. On my list for Greece is the Parthenon, Athens, Crete, and swimming in the Mediterranean. 


  • Scotland: So according to what I know about my family’s ancestry, the majority of my blood is either Scottish or English (although we do have a dose of Cherokee in us as well). Part of the Scottish blood on my dad’s side, though, was nobility that used to live in Crathes Castle (see below). My mom’s side has a very healthy dose of Scottish blood, and I would love to learn more about the Buchanan clan.


  • Italy: So this has three parts to it. First, I would love to see Rome and all of the history there. I would also love to see Venice, because the thought of boating instead of driving sounds like so much fun. The other reason is that I have a gluten sensitivity and can’t eat bread and pasta in America. I’ve heard rumors, though, that some people who can’t eat gluten in America can eat it in Italy, and since bread and pasta remains my favorite food after chocolate, this is something I must find out.


  • Hay-on-Wye, Wales: So in case you haven’t noticed, I am huge book lover, and this town is famous for their enormous collections of books and bookstores. Who wouldn’t want to go explore this town? michael-d-beckwith-580610-unsplash1.jpg
  • Bonus: So I have always had this obsession with staying in a little thatched hut in the ocean, so there’s that too. I mean, the only thing better than going to the beach is staying in the ocean, right?


On a side note, a cool resource I’ve found regarding travel is @travelherco on Instagram. It is an online community for women who love traveling and Jesus, so it’s basically a win-win.

Where are some places you want to travel? Comment below to share!


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