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Louisa May Alcott: Her Lesser Known (But Equally Wonderful) Works

download-1Everyone knows Louisa May Alcott for her most famous book, Little Women (which BBC recently made into a tv mini series), but what many people don’t know is that she wrote several other books as well that are all just as wonderful as her most famous. So here is a list of the ones I have read that are equally as wonderful as Little Women:

  • Little Men: This is the sequel to Little Women, and it is absolutely adorable. You get to meet all of the original character’s children, along with several new characters, and it is delicious. I especially remember several adorable scenes with Meg’s twins, Daisy and Demi.
  • Jo’s Boys: This is the sequel to Little Men, and features all of the adorable children you fell in love with in the last book all grown up. You also get to see various relationships that you shipped come to fruition, which is highly satisfying. Just trust me on this and go read the whole series.
  • Eight Cousins: This is a wonderful book about a girl named Rose who goes to live with her eight cousins (who all happen to be boys) and the many adventures that ensue. (Because with that many boys around, how can they not?)
  • Rose in Bloom: This is the sequel to Eight Cousins (can you tell I love sequels?) but again, every character you fell in love with previously grows up and most of them fall in love for themselves.
  • An Old Fashioned Girl: This is the story of Polly, a Christian girl from the country who is trying to fit in with the worldly crowd of the city. This is such a sweet book and has such a sweet message of the importance of character over fitting in with the crowd. I have read it multiple times, and highly recommend it.
  • Jack and Jill: So yes, it is awesome that their names are just like the nursery rhyme. But this story is so good, following best friends Jack and Jill from childhood to adulthood, and telling about the many adventurous scrapes they got themselves into along the way. I have always loved this type of plot line, and Alcott executed it perfectly. 
  • The Mysterious Key and What It Opened: So I think this would be classified more as a novella, since it is only around a hundred pages, but it is such a good read. It is a mystery, and is captivating from the very beginning, keeping you hooked until the very end. I definitely recommend it. (Plus, you can get it for free on kindle!)


  • Invincible Louisa by Cornelia Meigs: Since I obviously love Louisa’s work, I finally found a book about her and her works, and it is wonderful. It provides so much more context and understanding to her books, and is definitely worth the read as well.

So these are just a few of Louisa’s lesser known works. It is my goal to continue to read more of her writings (there is a rather surprisingly long list of them), but everything that I have read so far has been wonderful.

Note: All of these books are 100% clean, and appropriate for all ages. The Little Women series especially would be great read alouds for the whole family.

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