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Pursue: A Magazine Designed to Encourage Girls in their Relationship with Christ Instead of their Relationship With the World

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So I first heard about Pursue Magazine when a friend introduced me to Rayleigh Gray, who is the Associate Editor. I followed them on Instagram, and was instantly hooked. I recently got the chance read the magazine itself, and I am literally in love with it. Here’s why:

  • It encourages girls to pursue their dreams and to be their best for Christ’s glory. So often I see magazines that tell girls that their value is in their appearance, their weight, their number of followers, their attention from boys, and so many other superficial things that ultimately don’t matter. This magazine, however, says that you are valuable for being you and that value comes from the heart instead of outward appearances.
  • It helps girls with things like fulfilling their role in the body of Christ instead of how to flirt or catch a boy. Again, teaching flirtation is such a harmful mentality that detracts from a girl’s real purpose in life. This magazine encourages girls to spend their time purposefully on things that have eternal value.
  • It talks about how to lead a healthy lifestyle (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) instead of how to lose weight or get a bikini body. I did a research project this past semester on teens, eating disorders, and the paranoia that surrounds it. After this, Pursue’s emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle versus losing weight is that much more valuable to me.
  • It’s fun! Their most recent issue includes a recipe for dark chocolate espresso sundaes, book reviews, natural looking makeup tips, and artsy quotes and Bible verses. It is definitely not preachy, and will keep readers engaged from cover to cover.
  • Their layout is super cute. Their pictures are on point, they have fun graphics, and it all works together to grab the reader’s eye.

So basically, Pursue Magazine offers girls of all ages a wholesome, edifying, and encouraging alternative to teen magazines, keeping it fun and lighthearted while still pointing girls back to God.

To read more about Pursue, click here, and to go ahead and get your copy, click here. Also make sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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