The Prologue

I am a reader. A thinker. A searcher for oceans in a world full of puddles.

Growing up, my mom used the word ‘edifying’ to the point that my brother and I were exhausted with it. Then one day, I looked it up and I discovered that it was the very essence of what I had been searching for.


As a reader, I struggled finding books right when I hit ten. I used to walk into the library, browse the shelves for as long as my mom would let me, walk out with a stack of books over a foot tall, and have them all read when we came back the next week. Then books started to change. I had to choose between reading books that were below my reading level, or books that I was not interested in. Almost everything in my age-section was twaddle.


Not that they were bad books, but they served no purpose. They didn’t enrich my life in any way. So I had to search to find books that I did want to read. I read books about books, spent time pouring over book lists by people I respected, and got book recommendations from friends. I found them eventually, it just required some work.

This same pattern showed up in other areas of life. TV shows, movies, music, social media, the list continues. As a thinker, I am tired of the lack of meaningful conversations, challenging questions, and thought provoking topics. As a Christian, I believe that we are called to excellence, as in Philippians 4:8. As a human I believe that we can do better.


In this day and age, it is too easy to settle. To settle for ease and instant gratification. To check Facebook instead of reading the news. To read the newest young adult novel rather than curling up with To Kill a Mockingbird. We are dumbing ourselves down, and lowering our expectations. This blog is my personal challenge to be more purposeful in pursuing excellence.

(Note: for some of the benefits of reading books like To Kill a Mockingbird, check out 10 Reasons You Should be Reading the Classics)

Romans 14:19 encourages us to, “Make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.”


That is what I want this blog to focus on. To encourage our world to stop settling, and instead to reach out and grab the beautiful culture our world has to offer. To lead to mutual edification.

~ AnnaScott

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